1.1 Naiad Photography shall provide services to photograph you to the best of its abilities in accordance with the portrait session selected. 

1.2 Naiad Photography cannot be responsible for dissatisfaction due to circumstances beyond its control. In the event that photographic materials are damaged or lost through camera or computer malfunction, the photographer’s liability will be limited to retaking the session, whenever possible, or to a refund of the cost of session fee. 


2 Booking, Deposit, Pricing and Payment

2.1 All bookings will require a non refundable deposit and this will be kept in the case of last minute cancellation.

-T1, T2, H1 ,H2, E1, E2 cancellation is allowed up to 48 h in advance. Deposit is 10%

-T3,F2,E3,E4 cancellation is allowed up to 7 days in advance according to third parties involved in the production. Deposit is 15%

-F3  cancellation is allowed up to 7 days  in advance according to third parties involved in the production. Deposit is 20%

The deposit will be applied to the session fee if the session is not rescheduled or missed.

2.2 In the event of a client wishing to reschedule a shoot Naiad Photography will try to accommodate a new shoot date to a maximum of twice after which the deposit will be retained.

2.3 In the event of Naiad Photography needing to reschedule a shoot, no reschedule administration fee will be charged and there will be no limit to the number of reschedules. Shoot may be postponed for unforeseen weather circumstances.

2.4 Shoots are booked on a first-come-first-served basis. A shoot date is not confirmed until the deposit has been paid in cleared funds.  

2.5 Naiad Photography reserves the right to refuse shoots without giving a reason.

2.6 A client must be age 18 or older to book a shoot

2.7 One photo shoot is priced as per listed on the website.

Travel costs over zone 2, London, will be added if applicable.

2.6 Full 100% payment in bank transfer is due at the end of the session.

2.7 Images will not be released until full payment is made in cleared funds, unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing.


3 Copyright and Reproduction

3.1 The client agrees that all copyright, editing and/or intellectual property rights for all photographs taken at that session shall be held exclusively by Naiad Photography.

3.2 The client agrees not to make copies for sale or for the purpose of circumventing sale of the images provided by Naiad Photography.

3.3 The client agrees not to manipulate images given by use of computer or other electronic means or any other method. The Client cannot utilize images that have not been retouched by Naiad Photography.

3.4 The client agrees that any publication by social media (Facebook, Twitter, websites, Instagram shared photos or similar channels) can only utilize the lower resolution photos given which Naiad Productions'  watermark at the bottom and by no means can be cropped or altered.

3.5 All photos must be credited upon media publication.

3.6 The client agrees that printed copies, with no watermark, are only intended for personal use, portfolio and casting application.

3.7 Naiad Photography accepts no responsibility for any accidental third party use made of the images posted.

3.8 All Raw files are of NP property only and will not be delivered or given away for a third party retouching.


4 Model Release

4.1 The client grants that Naiad Photography may use, images taken at the session for the promotion of its business and services. Including but not limited to: websites, social media, blog, studio display, exhibitions, promotional materials and product demos. 

 4.2 If the client wishes to sell the images a separate agreement will be required in writing.


5 Proofs, Prints, and Retouching

5.1 The photographer may end the session at their discretion according to the determination of having captured adequate images both in terms of quality and quantity. 

5.2 It is the responsibility of the person attending the shoot to ensure they take all items belonging to them away at the end of the shoot. Naiad Photography will not be liable for any costs of returning any items left by the client. 

5.3 All editing time is included in the price and may take up to two weeks according to the shoot.

5.4 A Dropbox link of the images will delivered for selection of finals. They will be of size agreed prior the shoot and within the terms of the package selected

If any 8x10 or 11x14 inch, or custom size photos are required, or smaller sizes, this must be requested beforehand prior the post production process.

5.5 Originals of the unselected photos shoot will be retained for a max of six month

5.6 The client agrees to mention, before the post production process, about any specific retouching. This will not be an additional charge if within point 5.7

5.7 Retouching means elimination of: distracting elements, minor physical flaws  such as bags under eyes, teeth whitening, eyes whitening, clearing of skin, major stray hairs, exposure and tones of the image, framing, skin patchy coloration, color balance. Any more complex editing will incur in extra costs.

5.8 Prints will involve additional costs

5.9 Naiad Photography will aim to edit images in the style requested by the client, but reserves the right to have final artistic judgment.

5.9 Image selection must be provided to Naiad Photography within one month of the shoot date. If the image numbers are not received within this time, Naiad Photography will assume the images are not required and will not refund any payment made.