An evening of short plays Inspired by influential filmmakers of all time.

Ch 2: Pedro Almodóvar



Almodóvar can be considered one of contemporary cinema’s most accomplished and engaging filmmakers, who is often controversial and paradoxical.

He represents a unique blend of popular filmmaker and art-house auteur


Themes are often complex melodramatic stories. Recurring are:

  • Death and loss

  • Gender and sexuality

  • The return to rural roots

  • Religion is an area treated with ambivalence in his films from parody  to a darker portrayal 

  • Coincidence and chance encounters

  • Character emotions are big, bold and unashamed

  • Almodóvar has also consistently included theatrical spaces and performances in his films, often interrupting the narrative flow with a show. The stage in a theatre, on a film set or in a television studio is where Almodóvar’s characters actually get real.The theatrical space is almost scared, a place where paradoxically ‘real’ emotions can be glimpsed and where characters often confront real feelings, despite the false expectations suggested by the stage.”

  • Almodóvar puts women at the heart of his dramas.

  • Media consistently intrudes on an Almodóvar narrative, in the form of commercials, a film-within-the-film, a movie poster on the wall.

  • black comedy-drama

  • Pop culture, popular songs

  • Irreverent humour

  •  Desire, passion, family, and identity 




Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

All about my Mother


Talk to Her

Dark Habits

Tie me UP! Tie me Down!




The soundtracks of his movies can be characterised as eclectic. The sentimentality and excess of bolero have been used to great effect by Almodóvar in several films.

He uses pop culture, popular songs


PRES SHOW, INTERVAL, CURTAIN CALL MUSIC will feature music from his major movies chosen by NP


IN BETWEEN MUSIC ( beg and end of the piece) + sounds effects will be up to each team. Please avoid from his movies as indicated above and have fun choosing something culturally appropriate and traditional within the 90s and perhaps connected to the city where your story is set. Something that speaks the local culture.

* do not over complicate this



it will be on the idea of Lights ON-OFF. You will be able to choose intensity and maybe a cue or two,  but for timing issues there will not be enough time to do anything else.



Visual style of Pedro's movies have become one of his most recognisable trademarks: the look of the films is gaudy, matching the melodramatic plot .The use of vivid colours, whether in designer clothes or kitschy décor, matches the flamboyant characters of his films.

Almodóvar’s early influences were the bright strong glossy colour schemes of the Caribbean, the elaborate oration of 17th Century barroquismo, the Memphis Group’s Pop Art and postmodern Italian furniture and design. The style consistently informs Almodóvar’s world.

Almodóvar’s favourite colour is red and blue. His aesthetics are a stylish reckoning with Pop Art. Colour in an Almodóvar film establishes mood and emotion, or a dramatic change in both.