An evening of short plays Inspired by influential filmmakers of all time.

Ch 2: Pedro Almodóvar


DEADLINE: 07/01/2018       *extendable upon request to 11/01

SHOW: FEB  25th-26th 2018- OLD RED LION THEATRE @ 8pm 

NP is looking for 6 writers and 6 directors who want to be challenged into staging  15 min short plays inspired by Pedro Almodóvar.

Following the Success of the "6 Vitelloni"(Fellini)  in 2017, Naiad Productions is back at the Old Red Lion paying homage to the great movie Directors of all time.

The second chapter will follow the footsteps of Pedro Almodóvar.


* Please apply only if you know you will be able to commit to the dates listed below

Follow this link to submit 

  * for those who have applied already or that will apply, kindly send a confirmation email to

(* should the system not work please email to:  with subject:  EUROPE ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN-"your role")

Directors  (LN only)

Please submit a CV in pdf form.

Also add a cover letter attached to your cv with your contact details & a statement of why you are interested in directing for  "master director series_ Pedro Almodóvar." , the style and genre of theatre you know your strengths lie best in.


 Along with own casting, the  appointed director's email will be placed on the NP website for actors to reach out to during the casting week


Writers  (Worldwide)

Please submit your script in pdf form

Please add your contact details on the script's front page

Please also add on the cover page:

- a short bio

- a 2 line plot summery of your play

- a brief character breakdown


Please follow the main theme guidelines. Script that do not adhere to the main theme and timing will not be considered.


Actors  (LN only)

On JAN 18th the narrowed down selection, the casting breakdown and the director's contact will be available for you to access directly online.

Please submit a cv in pdf format with your spotlight , casting call pro link and  showreel where possible.

Keep an eye on this page



  • Max number of characters 2 or a monologue

  • Please read the theme guidelines in relation to Pedro's style.

  • All pieces must be 15 min long. Anything longer or too short will not be considered.

**Please read/time this as page quantity alone is unreliable

  • Setting of the play for ALL the shorts is in a European city of your choice.

  • Time frame 90s

  • ·All pieces must have a red prop somewhere.

  • Please bear in mind suggesting only a minimal quantity of feasible props as budget and logistics are to be kept simple and scene changes quick ( i.e. blood, guns, prop food or drinks that stain, glass that breaks, prop knives, excessively bulky item, smoke and live flames etc  are a NO for these small limited productions).

  • Colour, gender, nationality blind. Please be inclusive in your character choices.

  • Please be aware that the minimum age to access the theatre is 18. Choose your character ages accordingly.

  • Genre can vary. Please be creative and varied on the whole and within the script's story line. NP will try to choose a range of different pieces. 

  • The pieces are not meant to be an explicit political debate about Brexit but more an idea of using Pedro's style stories and expanding casting, characters, setting to a European scene



  • Please note, there will be a workshop aimed to tie in all the selected 6 short. Some very minor changes will need to be applied based on the outcome of our conversation.

  • Budget on props is 50 pounds divided amongst all.  

  • During the meeting we will discuss briefly about costumes and how to connect all in one style within the limited resources.

  • During the meeting we will discuss about the light and music ( see theme guidelines)

  • There will be no budget allocated for rehearsal rooms.



DEC 10th JAN7th Application month

JAN 7th  DEADLINE  for Directors and Writers

JAN 8th-14th Selection and confirmation of Directors and Writers/Scripts on board

JAN 15th-16th or 17th  TBD-  writers/directors workshop- CONNECTING THE SHORTS and MEETING THE TEAM.  Time: eve after 7.

JAN 19th    Script final revision submission

                     Director casting breakdown emailed to NP

                     Casting begins

JAN 20th-28th  Casting week

JAN 29th Provide NP with your casting choices/ contacts


(* each group on own spare time.  Minimum of  about 5meetings in order to achieve a well rehearsed piece)

FEB 10th-11th  ACTOR HEADSHOTS . Slot time TBD but will be gathered back to back within those two days.

FEB 24th  PRE DRESS REH. venue and time TBD ( please pencil book all day for now though it will take place in rounds of 45 min slots for each group)

FEB 25th  TEC RUN and 1st PERFORMANCE @ 8pm .  All  day availability from 9,30 am to 11pm  ( details TBD)

FEB 26th  2nd PERFORMANCE Call time @7pm, show @8pm



Due to budget constraints and to the nature of a scratch night, NP is unable to provide any economical support, including  on props purchased, costume or rehearsal space.
There is however a contribution guaranteed ONLY after breaking even. A profit share will apply thereafter for Writers and Directors only. This could reach up to 50GBP.
Actors will have a 30 min head shot session with Naiad Photography (1 retouched photo), also utilised for the marketing of the show..

An open book is available for those interested in viewing the expense/revenue of the show.