An evening of short plays Inspired by influential filmmakers of all time.

Ch 2: Pedro Almodóvar


DEADLINE: 27/01/2018 ( last audition day 28th)

SHOW: FEB  25th-26th 2018- OLD RED LION THEATRE @ 8pm 

NP is looking for Actors who want to be challenged into staging  15 min short plays inspired by Pedro Almodóvar .

Following the Success of the "6 Vitelloni"(Fellini)  in 2017, Naiad Productions is back at the Old Red Lion paying homage to the great movie Directors of all time.

The second chapter will follow the footsteps of Pedro Almodóvar. 


* Please apply only if you know you will be able to commit to the dates listed below

Please email the director of the piece you are interesting in auditioning for.

Please attach to your email your acting cv with headshot and your spotlight/ casting call pro link

See below Casting breakdown.

Accepting only London based actors.


JAN 20th-28th  Casting week. Venue and time TBD by each director


(* each group  on own spare time.  Minimum of about 5 meetings in order to achieve a well rehearsed piece)

FEB 10th-11th  COMPLEMENTARY ACTOR HEADSHOTS . Slot TBD , but will be gathered back to back within those two days.

FEB 24th  PRE DRESS REH. Venue and time TBD ( please pencil book all day for now though it will take place in rounds of 45 min slots for each group)

FEB 25th  TEC RUN and 1st PERFORMANCE @ 8pm .  All  day availability from 9,30 am to 11pm  ( details TBD)

FEB 26th  2nd PERFORMANCE Call time @7pm, show @8pm


Due to budget constraints and to the nature of a scratch night, NP is unable to provide any economical support.

However actors will have a 30 min head shot session with Naiad Photography (1 retouched photo), also utilised for the marketing of the show.

An open book is available for those interested in viewing the expense/revenue of the show.


ZOMBIE CARMEN   ** casting closed

by Evi Stamatiou

Directed by Evi Stamatiou-


New Year's Eve finds a Spanish nurse and a drag performer in a cancer care centre in Central London. As Maria hopes that wearing red will help her attract good luck in the New Year, Bluebird comes up with a solution that can 'save' both.


BLUEBIRD: .40s or older. A drag performer of Greek origin, good singer, sarcastic 

MARIA :30-40. A Spanish nurse, camp and energetic


CATALINA  ** casting closed

by Nora Nadjarian

Directed by Evy Barry-


A young gigolo and a middle-aged writer of erotica meet once a week in an apartment in the centre of Amsterdam. In true Almodovaresque fashion, all is not what it seems…


MAN:  Dutch. Blue-eyed. Good-looking and fit, but sleazy. In his late 20s/early 30s. (He is a gigolo).

WOMAN: Spanish. Mediterranean looking, in her mid to late 40s, dressed in gaudy 90s clothing, high heels. Her makeup and hairstyle look grotesque. (She writes erotic novels).



by Francis Grin

Directed by Lara Genovese-   ** casting closed


Anna's got a big decision to make and a desire to apologies. the question being- what is she sorry for?


ANNA:  30s, female,  good sense of sarcastic humour. Bubbly in her ways but also deeply troubled by the passing of time, what she really wants and her relationship. Actress will need to be able to portray and balance the fun character along with more serious and dramatic tones.

Any ethnicity, english accent. 


NARCOMAMBO SAFE & SOUND ** searching now only for Margherita

by Roberto Trippini

Directed by Fumi Gomez-


An ageing French con artist and his younger Italian lover use twisted psychological torture to extort money from the owners of lost pets.


HUGO: mid-40s, French, the fading good looks of the ageing playboy.

MARGHERITA:  late 20s, Italian, seemingly shy and wholesome.


 A GIRL HOLDING THE HAND OF A GIRL.. ** casting closed

by Ioana E. Batis

Directed by Clemmie Reynolds-


Kiki remembers her mother. She remembers her love, she remembers the pain, she remembers the brothel next door.. 


KIKI: female, early 30s, any ethnicity.


by Emma Zadow

Directed by Adam Hypki-   ** casting closed

Sofia has been dumped. But when Carmen, turns up looking for sympathy after her husband leaves her, Sofia is mistaken as Paloma's therapist and the two bond over the loss of love and the price one pays for family


SOFIA: mid-twenties. She’s wearing a man’s suit, strong, decisive, independent, any accent, any ethnicity

CARMEN:  late-forties. Flamboyant, actress, full of personality and charisma, colourful, any accent, any ethnicity. Old School Hollywood Joan Crawford. An actor and mother trying to re-ignite her career.