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Naiad Productions Ltd was founded by Lara Genovese (Designer/Producer and Director/ Photographer) in 2013.

It aims to magically give life to stories through fascination, power and charm.

Nymphs who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, Naiads were ancient creatures of Greek mythology. Delicate and strong, they embody mystery, beauty, art, poetry, water, elegance, determination, the founder's traditions and name.

Lara Genovese is a Director/Writer, with a background in design and a passion for photography.

Living in London, she directs short movies, directs-designs her own theatre shows, works for set decorating teams for studio feature films, was a former Walt Disney Imagineer-theme park designer in Hong Kong for five years, and an Architect working for Foster+Partners for two years. Her photography work has been exhibited often in PH21 Gallery-Budapest.

As a stage director, her professional credits in London include the stage play representation of "King Hamlin" and “Bullet Hole”, Park Theatre, and several shows while living in Hong Kong.

As a short film director, her credits are: "My Mother", “Kicking the Sky”, ”Frog”, “Nene” and “Wow-er Woman”. “Nene” has been selected for the Phoenix Film Festival and Buff festival 2023, has been Semi-Finalist for the Flickers’ Rhode Island International and has one “Best Female Filmmaker” at the Santa Barbara Awards 2022. “Frog” has screened on UK and Ireland channels and was one of the 5 winners of the Novo Amor 565 Fund.

As a writer she has written the screenplay adaptation of the stage play “Bullet Hole” (currently optioned), has pitched a TV series pilot, a Children’s book series with potentials in diverse media, an Animation series, and several shorts.

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